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McDonald's May Have Accidentally Leaked The New iPhone 8, And People Are Losing It

People are buzzing about the iPhone 8. What will it look like? What will the new features be? Is the headphone jack coming back? (Probably not.) Well, McDonald's may have inadvertently answered some of those questions.

In a promotional email sent to Australian customers, McDonald's unveiled their new mymacca's mobile app. The only problem was that the phone McDonald's used to demonstrate the app turned more than a few heads.

Twitter users caught the slip:

According to various predictions, a display that goes all the way to the top of the phone is something experts think will be a new feature in the iPhone 8, with front-facing sensors that may be able to scan a person's face, ultimately doing away with fingerprint scans to unlock the phone.

The design is a mock-up, but one Twitter user believes McDonald's used his render:

A spokesperson for McDonald's Australia attempted to shut down any rumors about the phone, saying, "We created a mock-up of a phone screen to showcase the functionality of our mymacca’s mobile ordering app. Any similarity to any other design is purely coincidental."

Some Twitter users speculated the "leak" was a promotional ploy, while others critiqued the design:

But that didn't stop people from appreciating McDonald's attempt:

As for the final design, we'll have to wait until Apple releases the iPhone 8, currently slated to debut at the end of the year.

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