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The New York Times Explains Bubble Tea In Unnecessary Article, And People Can’t Stop Laughing

The New York Times published a hard-hitting exposé on the "new" bubble tea trend on Wednesday, and people were shaking their heads.

The article, originally titled "The Blobs in Your Tea? They're Supposed to Be There," had people cringing and laughing at the same time, considering that bubble tea has been around for decades:

The Times had also published an article in 2016 that called bubble tea "so 2002," so the newest article was even more of a head-scratcher:

Twitter didn't quite know what to do with itself:

The article eventually got a headline change on Thursday:

But not before people made some valid points:

Including this gem:

Time will tell what crazy new trends they uncover next:

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H/T: New York Times, Buzzfeed, Twitter