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The Westeros Seven From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Are The Internet’s Newest Meme


The latest episode of Game of Thrones featured Jon Snow banding together with a group of misfits, fighters and political figures for a dangerous mission to catch a wight beyond the wall. Any scenario that unites Tormund, Gendry, and The Hound gets Twitter on board fast.

Snow's crew is getting some pretty extensive meme treatment: 

GoT fans found easy comparisons to the dangerous mission: 

One fan took the joke to the next level:

Twitter seems divided over which ensemble-driven action movie the GoT episode most emulated: 

Fans pitched questionable titles: 

Some were better than others:

 Another fan ran with the “seven” theme: 

But perhaps the simplest joke is the best:

Here's a trailer for next week's episode, featuring the gang in action – enjoy! 

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