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Controversial TV Host Is Confused About Condoms, Receives Sex Ed Lesson On Air

The Scottish National Party's Mark McDonald appeared on Good Morning Britain on August 15 to discuss the Scottish government's decision to present all new mothers with "baby boxes" filled with clothes, blankets, and other supplies. Jeremy Kyle, a controversial chat show host standing in for Piers Morgan, pointedly asked why these baby boxes would also contain...a CONDOM?! 

Kyle got smacked down in the most hilarious way:

Even the most cursory research would have revealed that mothers are especially fertile post-pregnancy. The condoms in each "baby box" are to help new parents avoid an unexpected second pregnancy. 

Twitter is loving the incident:

 Some Twitter users called out Kyle's hypocrisy:   

Mark McDonald handled Kyle's question perfectly:

After McDonald answered, Kyle responded the only way he could:

Fair play, Mark. Absolutely fair play.

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