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Misspelled Newspaper Headline About Trump Has Twitter In Stitches

Trump fired off a hostile warning for North Korea that was not authorized by his national security team. 

He promised "fire and fury like the world has never seen" should North Korea continue to threaten the United States. 

His emphatic statement had the media in such a tizzy to push the story, one publication apparently skipped proofreading and printed an unusual headline: "Trump warns of 'fire and furry.'"

The White House confirmed that Trump used the phrase "fire and fury" behind closed doors and any intention of using it as a public proclamation was not discussed.

But maybe "fire and furry" was given the green light. 

Twitter couldn't get enough of the phrase's potential use by Donald Trump.

Entertaining the possibility of the typo's truth.

There were many literal interpretations.

Another example of irresponsible journalism.

Never underestimate the threat of furries.

Whether the Augusta, Maine, daily newspaper intentionally gifted Twitter this gem, one thing is certain. Things are definitely getting hairy with North Korea.

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