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Mom Shares Picture Her Child Drew Of A ‘Super Hero,’ And The Internet Is Disturbed

Wow, kids say the darndest, most incredibly terrifying things! Amanda Mancino has an extremely creative daughter who recently visited an art camp and was asked to draw a super hero. It's pretty safe to say she redefined the genre:

Janet, the newest member of the super hero universe, has the exciting ability to cut people in half with a giant pair of scissors! Amanda's child also couldn't help but add the parenthetical:

(she's a hero only to herself)

Which I suppose still counts.

Move over, Wonder Woman! Janet is becoming Twitter's favorite new hero:

Janet is a new (emotionally scarring) kind of hero.

Expect to see some "Janets" at next year's comic-con!

Amanda's child is getting some major props for creating the MCU's next major star:

Being in Amanda's family has become a Janet-centric experience, but they seem to be enjoying it! Take note, Marvel - the people love Janet. A pretty penny could be made if SOMEONE were to make a movie happen!

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