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Mom Shares Honest ‘First Day Of School’ Photo, And People Can’t Stop Laughing

Mom Shares Honest ‘First Day Of School’ Photo, And People Can’t Stop Laughing
10 months ago

Jena Willingham is a mother living in Alabama. She's got three young children. This year her youngest will be starting school. It's been eleven years since the last time Jena had a child-free home. 

Eleven. Years. 

Parents everywhere just like: 

Most other people's back to school pictures would be of each individual child smiling brightly and maybe holding up a little sign telling what grade they were going into. They'd be adorable, but serious, pictures meant to chronicle the passing of time. They'd be the kind of photos you'd show a few years later and giggle-cringe at the awkward missing teeth or hairstyles. 

The Willingham family is clearly all about serious and somber photo documentation, you guys.  

So when it came time for the Willinghams to shoot their back to school pictures, Jena and crew decided to have a little fun with it. They opted to forego the typical photos focusing on the children and embrace what this year's first day of school was really about. 

Jena finally gets a break after eleven years! 

The response to her post was overwhelming and immediate. Parents everywhere were like "same." Her facebook post has thousands of likes and about 200 comments at the time of this article. As the post made it's way to Twitter it has garnered even more response. 

Debbie gets it. 

So does Sally. 

Carol clearly feels this in a real way. 

Of course others had some issues with the picture and the sentiment it expressed. 

This person went as far as to accuse Jana of exploiting her children. 

One person decided to mock Jana's kids for their names (which are Wrangler, Emmy and Sykes, by the way) but Jana took that in stride with a laugh the way she has taken most of the negative comments. 

She even posted about it so her friends could see. 

We wish the Willingham kids nothing but success this school year and we hope Jana - and all parents - enjoy whatever break they get. 

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