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President Trump Retweets And Thanks A Fake Twitter Account, And Twitter Lost It

Donald Trump showed his appreciation for a supporter on Twitter named 'Nicole Mincey' by thanking her. But the President had no idea the account was a fake one.

An article on reported on a college student whose identity was stolen for a fake Twitter account hawking Trump-supporting merchandise. The real Nicole Mincey claimed she didn't start the account, and the profile picture being used was that of a model. 

Mashable updated the unraveling story, saying that the handle for the account was also changed from "@ProTrump45" to "@AlexandriaMOra," but both accounts that still use the same model for the profile picture have been suspended.


Twitter user Schooley was one of the first to share Heavy's article after the purported Trump-supporter raised suspicion.

Schooley's detective work uncovered a trend of fake Trump-supporters proliferating the Internet. Here is another fake account.

Although the fake accounts are no longer active, Trump's tweet expressing his heartfelt gratitude is alive and making the Internet funny again.

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