NEW VIDEO: Boy vs. Hiccups... and BOY WINS!

NEW VIDEO: Boy vs. Hiccups... and BOY WINS!
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Updated 11 months ago

As a performer, so many things can get in your way: stage fright, illness, a tough crowd. For one little boy, it was a case of the hiccups. But, as he demonstrated to a stadium of cheering fans, hiccups weren't going to keep him from his star turn.  

7-year old Ethan Hall was tasked with singing the Australian national anthem before a baseball game between the Adelaide Bite and Brisbane Bandits. Singing the national anthem in front of a crowd of people is a feat in itself, even for seasoned performers, so little Ethan deserves accolades right off the proverbial bat. 

As you can see in the video below, Ethan was struck with a serious case of the hiccups midway through the first line of the anthem. A lesser performer might have asked to start over and have a redo... but not our Ethan. He stood fast and, even as members of the audience and both teams began to smile and giggle, continued on.

The result is truly one of the best performances of a national anthem we've ever seen. Ethan proves to the audience and to the players that, if you really want something, you can do it; and the spectators responded in turn. 

He received the thunderous applause he deserved, and as he left the field, you can see the players smiling and giving him high fives. If only we could all be as willing to throw caution to the wind and follow our dreams as young Ethan did. 

Kudos to you, Master Hall! Can't wait to see you at your next concert. And may your hiccups have cleared up by then!