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This Dedicated Canadian Teen Dug A WWI-Style Trench In His Mom's Garden For A School Project
2 months ago

Dylan Ferris took his homework assignment seriously. While studying the First World War, Ferris wanted to experience what it must have felt like for soldiers sleeping in trenches. Over spring break, instead of playing video games, Ferris spent his time digging a trench in the back garden with the intention of spending the next 24 hours hunkered down.

Dressed in a uniform on loan from the Edmonton Regiment Museum, Ferris spoke to CTV News Channel:

I’m going to be spending all night in the trench. My mom doesn’t want me in the trench when it’s muddy because this is an original uniform.

At first his mom wasn't too thrilled with the idea of her son sleeping outside in the frozen ground, but Ferris eventually convinced her. There is also the little issue of her garden. Ferris will need to fill the trench before spring planting rolls around. 

This being the internet, some people had to crap all over this kid's idea:

Other people showed a little more respect for the teenager:

We wish Ferris good luck on his writing assignment.