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This 'IT' Animatronic Pennywise Decoration Is Giving Us Nightmares

This 'IT' Animatronic Pennywise Decoration Is Giving Us Nightmares
2 months ago

At Halloween time most people are happy to carve a pumpkin and hang some fake cobwebs, but every neighborhood seems to have that one house where the normally mild mannered owner turns their home into a theme-park of horrors. Those demonic decorations are what the TransWorld's Halloween and Attractions show is all about. 

The Transworld show, which runs this weekend, is a yearly convention dedicated to all things scary for your haunted house. The largest event of its kind the show is packed with 100,000s of costumes, props and attractions, but this year the biggest draw was the larger than life, animatronic, Pennywise the clown from Stephen King's It. 

Made by Unit 70 Studios, the horrifying prop features an even scarier version of Bill Skarsgard's demonic clown clutching an armless, screaming Georgie in his gnarled grip. 

On the bright side, think of how much more productive you can be now that you're never going to sleep again. 

Words seemed to fail much of Twitter. 

Though some managed to stammer out a few words. 

Others couldn't help but appreciate the artistry. 

As disturbing as the animatronic creation is, one subtly menacing response left us feeling really uneasy.

Sweet dreams...

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