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Scientists Just Proved That 'Alien' Mummy Found 15 Years Ago In Chile Wasn't An Alien
1 month ago

 Fifteen years ago, in Chile a tiny mummy was found. At the time no one knew what it was. Some speculated from its six-inch size and elongated skull it proved evidence of alien life. Well, the truth is far less interesting. Turns out the mummy called Ata, is human. 

A group of scientists, led by Garry Nolan from Stanford University along with colleagues from UCSF using DNA evidence confirmed it was the skeleton of a female child that died before birth or shortly after around 40 years ago. 

It turns out that the child had multiple genetic mutations that caused her tiny frame and misshapen head.

Still Twitter had lots of questions and even more doubts.

Luckily, Atul Butte, a Physician scientist, who was part of the team was there to answer questions. 

But Doobiesnaxx wasn't having any of it. 

People still weren't having any of it, but Butte seems like a really nice guy.

The questions just kept coming. 

And people say you can't learn anything on Twitter.