Bianca Del Rio Is Back With A Fiery New Trailer For 'Hurricane Bianca 2'

Bianca Del Rio Is Back With A Fiery New Trailer For 'Hurricane Bianca 2'
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4 months ago

Bianca Del Rio is making a return to theaters and televisions worldwide. This time, she is getting real close with the devil and being flung straight to hell? Makes for a good movie, in our humble opinion! 

The season six champion of RuPaul’s Drag Race released Hurricane Bianca, a comedy about a teacher who is fired in a homophobic, small town and returns as a woman in full-out drag, back in 2016. Now everyone who loved the first movie is getting even more with the sequel, Hurricane Bianca: From Russia with Hate.

Rachel Dratch is reprising her role of Deborah – a.k.a. the homophobic vice principal of Milford High School. Del Rio spews a nasty insult toward Deborah, who responds by pushing her off a building, sending her into the blazing underworld of hell. 

"Just when you thought your cinemas and televisions were safe, Hurricane Bianca is back and fiercer than ever," Del Rio said about the exciting new project. 

Those who follow RuPaul’s Drag Race will recognize a ton of familiar faces in the film, including Katya, Mrs. Kasha Davis, Shangela, and Darienne Lake. RuPaul was a supporting role in the original film, so does that mean we'll be seeing his big return as well? Maybe! We hope so. 

Drag Race fans are thrilled for this beloved queen to return back to the big screen:

Del Rio must be blown away from all of the support – pun intended:

Hurricane Bianca: From Russia with Hate will debut on May 18, with advanced screenings being shown a few days before at select theaters in New York and San Francisco.