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We Can't Believe These Brilliant Ideas Aren't Available Absolutely Everywhere Right Now
1 month ago

There are a jillion ways to improve our lives with a bit of clever engineering and some significant forethought.

Check out this awesome list of brilliant twists that seem so obvious they should be absolutely everywhere.

1) Sell something on the internet? Buying something on the internet? Go to this designated place in front of the police station to minimize risk. 

2) A trash-for-coffee program to encourage beach cleanup. 

3) Kickable elevator buttons for people carrying tons of stuff. 

4) A gym in a laundromat. 

5) A Cone of Silence for cell phone use in a library.

6) Wash your hands with water to be used in the next flush. 

7) An accessibility mat for beachgoers in wheelchairs or strollers.

8) Rechargeable batteries - with usb inputs for charging. 

9) Free compost from used coffee grounds at a local coffee shop. 

10) A special card reader at stoplights to allow seniors and handicapped folks more time to cross the street. 

11) A cake pan directory at the library. 

12) Drink coasters that let you test your drink for date rape drugs. 

13) A farmer set up a vending machine in a local mall. 

14) A tray/ramp to help bikes get up stairs. 

15) Signs that keep city residents posted on the progress of construction projects.