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This Artist Is Turning Old Tea Bags Into Art, And We're Floored By What She's Done With Them

With the right perspective, anything can be a canvass.

Artist Ruby Silvious saw something special in the already-rustic and vintage looking teabags in her life and has created a massive line of artistic creations with a distinct sense of age and a modern, biting wit. 

1. I mean...

2. Small, yes, but awesome. 

3. Great thing about teabags is that you generate them in pretty big quantities just in your daily life -- which is good for Ruby's panoramas.

4. Who knew so much could fit on a tiny teabag?

5. There's something so satisfying about her sense of detail. 

6. The three-dimensionality of her teeny canvasses often figures into her favor.

7. The familiarity adds an awesome emotional resonance to her images.

8. What really seals the deal is her caustic wit.

9. The old crashing into the new makes for hilarious stuff.

10. This is frame-worthy for sure. 

11. Tiny begets tiny.

12. What would Van Gogh think?

13. Seriously magnificent. 

Keep it up, Ruby!

H/T: @RubySilvious