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Photo by Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe via Getty Images
Man Takes Extremely Ironic Photo Of Nor'Eastern Flood, And He's Not Wrong

Two major storms called nor'easters have slammed into Boston in the past couple of months. The latest has brought with it a record storm tide of 14.67 feet. The storm is considered extreme even for New England which is known for powerful storms. One thing that has environmentalist concerned with these powerful storms is sea level rise do to global warming.

Matt Beaton, Massachusetts' secretary of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, took to Twitter to show people the risks threatening the state.  He said about the photo:

I think it highlights our most obvious vulnerabilities to climate change. The frequency and intensity of these events are alarming and I think we are experiencing things we are likely to see more often in the future. 

The photo definitely had people thinking about the environment and climate change. 

Not everyone was on convinced climate change is real. 

@lzapp16 gave us this somber thought as a reminder that climate change doesn't care if you believe or not. 

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