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Bus Driver Pulls Off Impressive Maneuver To Avoid Smashing Into Car

Bus Driver Pulls Off Impressive Maneuver To Avoid Smashing Into Car
3 months ago

All across Europe the arctic storm dubbed the "Beast from the East" is wreaking havoc. Power outages, transportation delays, and hazardous driving conditions are so far responsible for twenty-four deaths, a number that might be higher if not for the impressive skill of one Scottish bus driver. 

The road conditions were rather treacherous as Charmaine Laurie, 45, drove the bus carrying 20 passengers. 

“I came over a hill and all of a sudden there was this car in front of me on my side of the road. It happened quite quickly. It’s hard to describe - my heart was in my mouth I actually thought I was going to hit her."

Charmaine reacted instantly, drifting the bus to narrowly miss the the other vehicle. The story went viral after dashcam footage of the near miss was posted online. 

Twitter was astonished by the impressive piece of driving. 

Although many wondered if the bus was going to fast to begin with. 

But according to Laurie she had adjusted her speed for the weather.

“The conditions were really bad. Visibility was down so I was only doing about 15 or 20mph."

Charmaine credits her training with helping her avoid the accident. “We train for all types of conditions. You come across all different obstacles, public walking out in front of you - you have to be ready for whatever.”

When Charmaine got home she found her husband watching video of the incident. 

“My husband was watching it and I told him it was me and he couldn’t believe it - he said well done!”

Charmaine's quick reaction and impressive driving may have saved her passengers from a crash, but there's no doubt they got one hell of a scare.