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Victor Virgile/Getty
Lacoste Is Ditching Its Legendary Crocodile Logo On A New Series Of Polo Shirts

After 85 years of subtle gator branding, Lacoste is welcoming a few new species for a good cause.

Teaming up with the International Union for Conservation of Nature, they're creating a limited run of shirts with 10 threatened species of wildlife as the logo and knocking the gif-as-announcement game out of the park in the meantime.

Yup. Only 1,775 of these shirts have been made with the scarcity of each wildlife logo corresponding to the actual numbers of the critically endangered wildlife left on Earth. There are only 30 Vaquitas (a small porpoise found in the Gulf of California) left in the wild, and Lacoste is releasing a total of 30 Vaquita-branded shirts. 

Price tag for each? $185. So that's $328,375 to be raised and a lot of very subtle donors wearing the whitest shirts imaginable. 

It's interesting to see artificial scarcity used to raise the issue of natural scarcity - and what we can do about it.

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