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People Are Sharing Their Favorite Pokemon Memories, And We're Getting Teary-Eyed
2 months ago

Pokemon was rad.

Get past the initial hurdle of realizing that the core concept is enslaving catching wild animals Pokemon and forcing training them to fight other Pokemon, and you've got a straight-up epic game system that spawned seven generations of game titles and a bunch of anime shows.

It's been twenty years since the release of the genre-defining original Pokemon Red & Blue and Nintendo celebrated with an invitation to share stories from folks' first encounters with Pikachu and What Have You. 

Those of us that grew up on the furious deployment of Ultra Balls and TMs and Rare Candy leapt to respond.

There was always that one that got away. 

So many different islands to explore. 

Some memories were very specific.

The fan art was strong.

Here's a memory about a memory.

Here's a memory many of us share:

Seriously, though, anyone that's taken a Magikarp all the way to a Gyrados truly understands glory (and patience). Happy #PokemonDay, fellow nerds.

H/T: Mashable