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These Photos Of Dogs Having Fun In The Snow Have Our 'Awwww' Senses Tingling

Ahh, the innocence of animals. 

What might have been a brutally intolerable British cold snap for the whole of the Isle wasn't seen as such by certain of its four-legged denizens (provided they had a toasty pup-sweater). Now that you've caught the Tube and are between your snowy trudges, take a load off and imagine another kind of existence where treats are yummy and sweaters are optional and snow is something to be divebombed. 

The facefirst dive is the best. 

This one might be a little tough to spot, but see if you can pick it out. 

May you one day be as thoroughly stoked as this spaniel sprinting into the outdoors. 

Snow tends to bring out the bounce. 


Forgive the photo of the photo. 

Snow plus ball equal good times. 

This dog is happier than any human can ever expect to be. 


And yes, that is apparently, in fact, a dog in the snow. 

Bring it on, Jack Frost. You're only making our pets cuter.