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Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images
Mariah Carey Tells Fergie Not To Listen To The Haters After National Anthem Performance

Fergie took on the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday. But, some are arguing that her controversial performance was more memorable than the game:

People are getting heated over her jazzed-up, borderline sensual rendition:

Like, really heated:

But not everyone is criticizing the infamous pop singer. 

Mariah Carey fell underneath the same spotlight, after delivering what most people were calling 'a disastrous performance' on New Years Eve in 2017. She has several bestselling smash hit songs and albums, but despite that, the recent blunder is what she has been re-branded for – but she continues to remain unfazed. 

When a reporter asked if she had any advice to for Fergie, Mariah told her to ignore the haters.

"Darling nobody needs to listen to that" she responded with a smile.

Will Fergie be able to brush off the criticism and continue focusing on her music? Time will tell. But, if she has any other questions on how to cope, we're sure she'll give Mariah a call.

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