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Woman In China Decided To Ride Through Luggage X-Ray Machine Rather Than Part With Handbag
2 months ago

The Lunar New Year—or Chinese New Year—is finally upon us. This is the Year of the Dog, and we're not just talking about your ex-boyfriend. Soon, Lion and Dragon dances will be in full swing, and we can't wait. One woman at Dongguan Railway Station in southern China, however, was more eager--and cautious-- than anyone. Rather than part with the money in her bag for fear of theft, the anonymous woman braved the bowels of the security conveyor belt, maintaining a watchful eye over her money and valuables.

A woman climbed into security inspection machine with her handbag, to prevent theft.

LMAO! A woman climbed into security inspection machine with her handbag, to prevent THEFT. Feb 11th, railway station inspectors in Dongguan found a woman climb into the security inspection machine. She explained this is to protect her handbag from theft.

Posted by PearVideo on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Needless to say, other passengers were a little surprised when the woman emerged from the machine next to their belongings.

As countless people rushed through the Chinese transportation hubs where these X-Ray security machines are common, bystanders at this train station and folks online were concerned for the woman's health. Those X-rays know how to radiate—and not in a good way.

The woman's commitment is prompting social media users to beg the question: What was in that bag?

But this woman likely wasn't watching over mere baubles or knick-knacks. In the busiest travel time of the year for the country, it's not unusual for many migrant Chinese workers to carry most of their earnings from the year in cash back home with them to their families for the holiday. Little has been revealed about the mysterious woman; however, we continue to hope her health and belongings are safe and comfortable and that, for her, the Year of the Dog will prove to be loyal.

H/T: Reuters