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Malaysian Newspaper Under Fire For Offensive 'How To Spot A Gay Person' Checklist

A Malaysian newspaper is receiving heavy criticism from activists after publishing a "how to spot a gay" checklist. According to the article, one can identify gay men by "love of beards, going to the gym – not for exercise but to check out other men – and branded clothing." Lesbians, on the other hand, apparently "tend to hug each other, hold hands and belittle men."

Malaysia's increasingly hostile attitude towards LQBTQ rights included an attempt to edit out the "gay moments" from last year's release of Disney’s live-action film Beauty and the Beast.

Homosexuality is illegal in Malaysia under a colonial-era law that criminalizes sexual behaviors “against the order of nature.”

Despite the outrage, some were able to laugh about the list and poke fun at its ridiculousness:

Though plenty disputed the accuracy of its stereotypes:

Since homosexuality is illegal in Malaysia, the consequences of "being spotted" carry serious implications.

So for homosexuals in Malaysia, the list is more than merely offensive or laughably antiquated. 

At least we know what kind of paper would print a "how to spot a gay" checklist. 

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