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Twitter User May Have Semi-Accurately Predicted Logan Paul's Newest Downfall Over A Month Ago
3 months ago

After the backlash that followed his "Suicide Forrest" video, Youtube star Logan Paul made an adamant appeal to fans for forgiveness. Paul, who called the video a "horrible lapse of judgement" during an interview on Good Morning America, promised to learn from the experience -- but his short-lived reformation might already be over. 

Following a brief absence from social media, Paul returned in early February and wasted no time before posting another controversial video. In it Paul is seen tasering a dead rat and poking a fish struggling for air.

Though Youtube and Logan's fans seemed surprised by his almost immediate relapse, it seems Twitter may have predicted it over a month before it happened.

With an almost eerie foresight, Twitter user @KrangTNelson anticipated the second Logan Paul fiasco: 

Twitter seemed unsurprised that Paul learned nothing from the previous experience: 

Back in January, users responding to the original Tweet also seemed to have Paul's number: 

And many also accurately characterized the apology and promises Paul would so quickly forget: 

There was one thing however that Twitter couldn't predict: