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Unsettling Video Of Man Bashing 'Black Lives Matter' Emerges Online
3 months ago

Strap in, ladies and gentlemen, because as with all things Nazi-related, this article is not for kids, not safe for work, and upsetting as hell.

Back in 2003, Chappelle's Show had a sketch about a Black White Supremacist, blind Clayton Bigsby, who sang the tune of every godawful thing American racists believe. It was scorching white supremacy coming out of a black mouth. Hence, comedy.

This guy, however, is an actual person that has built his entire life into an absurd performance of white American Nazism, despite being Asian-American. It is the most profound expression of insecurity on the internet. Buckle up.

Meet Heon Jon Yoo, who would like you to call him 'Hank' (you shouldn't).

There's the kind of racism that shrinks away from polite society - the little judgments ordinary people make that a little shame and a counterexample can usually wipe out. Then there's the kind desperate, grasping racism that begs for your reaction and is as pitiful as it is dangerous. Yeah, he's got something against Black Lives Matter, which is maybe the thing that brought you into this article. But his Something isn't against specifically Black Lives Matter as much as it is any group that vocally not okay with white supremacy, which, again, he's Asian. Look at this nonsense:

True to his fascist Punch and Judy show, every pic he can possibly muster has him holding a weapon, because bad people think that's the only way others will take them seriously. And that junk in the background? Well, everyone knows that flag in the middle, but the one up top is for the 'nation of Kekistan', which is a nonsense concept invented by trolls (the top left symbol is the 4 Chan icon). The point is to provoke people, which you probably didn't miss. Tarantino would reject this character as being 'unrealistic'.

This hateful ghoul - who, true to the story of America, came from across the sea and his native Korea - has a story that would evoke genuine pity if it weren't for all the murder he wishes on others and the actual violence that put him in prison.

Before you go thinking that all of this hate just kinda happened in a vacuum, we can run down a brief list of the tragedies that squeezed this human being's heart into a little diamond of irony and hatred: physical abuse from his eventually absentee father, emotional abuse from his single mother (oh, how he hates single mothers), dehumanized as one of the only minorities in the ravenously racist peer groups offered in small-town Texas, twice sexually assaulted in a frat hazing ritual, barred from the Army for being an outspoken Nazi, fired from his job for the same. 

Heckuva list of tragedies. But don't you feel bad for him, because there is no excuse for any of this. 

It should also be mentioned that after his arrest and imprisonment for home invasion and assault, lil' Hankie here set up a GoFundMe page to beg fellow racists for help with his debts. And it seems the white supremacists weren't exactly moved, because he's raised a total of ten ($10) dollars.

This is a person with so much crippling insecurity and anger issues that the only way he can function is to perform this cartoon character for the benefit of a tiny subset of the worst people imaginable, who continue to laugh at him anyway. Seriously, if you click the comments section of this insane profile of the guy, you can find a chuckling member of the American Nazi Party that says, "yup, that's ol' Hank, and I'm the guy that doxxed him! Here's all his private information" and then posts all of Hank's private information.

Seriously, go watch American History X and think about your future, kid. Those people are not your friends and you are living the saddest lie anyone has publicly broadcast to the world. Go eat a cookie in a park, watch the ducks and smile at a sunset before you wind up on the news again. 

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