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Rihanna Broke Out A Dance Move At The Grammys That Has South Africa Cheering

Rihanna had everyone up and out of their seats during her 60th Annual Grammy Awards show performance Sunday night. The heated rendition of DJ Khaled's hit song "Wild Thoughts," which features the Barbadian singer (as well as rapper/singer, Bryson Tiller), truly tapped into a momentβ€”culminating in a dance move that sent Twitter all aflutter.  

You know the one:

It's called the "Gwara Gwara," and it originated in South Africa, and was created by the award-winning DJ Bongz. 

Though some insist it's just the 'stanky leg':

But people were not happy with that misnomer...

Many rejoiced at South Africa getting a little bit of spotlight:

The moment proved to be meme worthy:

But rumors started flying, and not everybody was so nice:

Whatever you want to call it, Rihanna set the Grammy stage on fire...and the Internet along with it.

H/T: Twitter