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Gay Mormon Man Who Famously Married A Straight Woman Announces Divorce—And Apologizes

Five years ago, Mormon bloggers, Josh and Laurel "Lolly" Weed went viral with a post celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary and outing Josh as a gay man living in a straight marriage by choice -- now they're getting divorced.

They announced their divorce the same way they outed their mixed orientation marriage back in June of 2012 -- by writing a revealing (and lengthy) point-by-point, question/answer style blog post, together. Earnest, devout, and sympathetic, Josh Weed and his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Lolly Shea still appear to be a very loving and accepting duo and the raw authenticity with which they have faced down this complicated issue in the public eye has won them many fans.

Many factors weighed in their decision and they cited everything from a responsibility to the LGBTQIA community (especially youth), to the need for self-love (Josh confessed even he had contemplated suicide), the lack of romantic attachment (for both), and the death of Josh's mother.

After reminding her girls (and readers) of the children's book, "Stellaluna," the story of a lost bat who is trying to be a bird, Lolly offered readers this tidbit of her conversation:

Most importantly for many LGBTQIA readers, they apologized for any pain or problems their prior post in 2012 may have caused anyone.

Reactions were mostly positive:

Some were deeply personal: 

And others weighed in, dragging their bias along with them: 

Best of luck Josh, Lolly and fam! We know you'll find your way. 

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