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Kind-Hearted Grandpa Volunteers To Snuggle Premature Babies—And Now We're Crying
3 months ago

Retired marketing executive David Deutchman has found a way to give back in a really big way. The Atlanta man volunteers his time at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta with the Baby Buddy program. For 12 years Deutchman, 82, has been holding and cuddling premature babies, giving parents a much-needed break. Every Tuesday and Thursday, for up to four hours, Deutchman, will sit holding the babies, singing, reading, or simply loving them. 

Nurses say this contact offers relief to parents who often need to go back to work and can't be at the hospital 24 hours a day.

The world could use some more Davids. Twitter melted over this story.

Parents echoed how important this is. 

 Deutchman inspired others to join the cause.

Some didn't catch get the "volunteer" part of the story. No one is getting paid to hold babies.

But the story touched the hearts of many.