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Man Enlists The Help Of Twitter To Get His Mom To Quit Smoking—And We're Inspired
3 months ago

One of the best ways to enforce self-accountability is to enlist the help of others, and if it just so happens that you can get tens of thousands of folks on board, so much the better.

Eli Kalil loves his mom and wants her to have a healthy life. She needed some help staying accountable to a particularly difficult task, so Eli put it out to the ocean of the internet to see if folks wanted to help her out. 

Turns out with an ask built on a son's love, 10K retweets ended up being on the shy side - the tweet is currently at 34K retweets and is a farming ground for advice on how to find joy in quitting smoking. 

Fellow ex-smokers used the thread as a rallying cry for their own daily choice to stay off cigarettes.

So crumple those packs, ma. The internet is here to help you stay accountable. 

H/T: Twitter