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Photo by Charism Sayat/AFP/Getty
Couple Uses Erupting Volcano As Backdrop For Wedding Photos—And The Results Are Stunning
3 months ago

Mount Mayon in the Philippines is currently the most active volcano in Southeast Asia. It is spewing ash and is expected to have a massive eruption very soon, but that didn't stop one couple from incorporating the mountain into their wedding photos.

From a safe distance outside the evacuation circle, Arlo Gerald de la Cruz and his bride Maria Hussa Maica Nicerio took advantage of the situation and used the volcano as a backdrop in their wedding photos.

The results were stunning.

Of course the photos appeared on the internet so we know what that means: here come the cynics.

Just look at the pretty pictures and let them have their day, okay?

That's more like it. We can all go back to cynicism tomorrow. 

H/T: Twitter