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Andrew Milligan / Getty Images
Baby Rhino Excitedly Splashes Around In His First Shower—And It's Just Too Pure 😍

Nothing beats coming home after a long, exhausting day at the office, and hopping in the shower, right? An 11-day-old rhino calf at the Toronto Zoo agrees wholeheartedly. He can be seen splashing around in a video of his first shower ever, and people have fallen in love and watched it on repeat. 

I mean, look at this:


Some people argued that he looked terrified rather than playful. Those people are certainly entitled to their wrong opinion:

And some are defending his right to shower in peace:

But then how could the world enjoy this wonderful video??? Zoo employees reportedly attempted to coax the calf into showering seven days prior, but he freaked out and retreated. He has since embraced the strange concept of bathing, which could be due to the fact that rhinos spend a lot of time frolicking in water in the wild.

Most people are reveling in this moment of pure joy:

We should all appreciate a nice, long shower as much as this little dude does.

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