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NASA's Social Media Accounts Were Down Due To The Government Shutdown—And The Jokes Came Rolling In
3 months ago

Political gridlock is nothing new in Washington but 2018 may mark the first time a government shutdown took half the solar system with it. 

After the federal government shut down last Friday at midnight, all non-essential agencies began closing up shop, including NASA. In their attempt to inform their followers that all public comments and activities were on hold, NASA tweeted from their dedicated social media accounts. And since each account is named for a different celestial body, the announcements took on a whole different meaning.

As NASA Moon prepped for the shutdown, Twitter marveled at how much the government controls:

And it wasn't just the moon. It seems Earth was also closed for business:

How much worse could it get?

Then it was official — the solar system was shutdown.

The shutdown ended Monday evening but while everyone was gone, a scrappy little planetoid may have sneaked back in.

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