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Unsettling Story Of What Happened To A Sushi Eater Has Us All Turning Green

Normally it's just bad business for a site to tell its readers not to read an article, but today we consider it a valuable public service. If you're squeamish, turn away before it's too late, because for one unfortunate California man, there's no going back. 

On a recent medical podcast, Dr. Kenny Banh shared a story we really wish he'd kept to himself!

While on shift in the emergency room of the Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, California, Dr. Banh had a young male patient walk in, complaining of abdominal pain and asking to be treated for worms. Dr. Banh was skeptical of the self diagnosis until the man opened up a plastic bag he was carrying. In it was a five and half foot tapeworm the man said he pulled out of himself while he was, uh, using the bathroom. 

Twitter users reacted pretty much the same way everyone else did. 

And the smart ones wanted nothing to do with the story. 

While some saw it as an opportunity to shed those holiday pounds.

And many people began rethinking their love of sushi.

We didn't want to say we told you so...

Apparently the patient was obsessed with sushi and claimed to eat raw salmon almost every day. After the incident, according to Banh, the man swore he would never eat it again.  

H/T: Grubstreet