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The NSA's Voice Recognition Technology Is Way More Advanced Than We Thought

The Intercept published an article this week based the Snowden Archive reporting on just how advanced the National Security Agency's voice-recognition software has gotten. The answer? Nightmarishly, Black-Mirroresquely advanced. 

"The NSA has developed technology not just to record and transcribe private conversations but to automatically identify the speakers."

Putting it in pop culture terms:

Yeah. Let's back that thread up a bit for context:

Oy. And there's one more uncomfortable notion:

The technology has actually been in use for a bit, so far specifically to track down high-profile enemies of the state:

But when this kind of conversation must be had, the point has to be made - all it takes for this kind of tech to be applied to American citizens is for our leadership to assume an increasingly common blend of lazy and vengeful. 

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