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Ja Rule Lashes Out At 50 Cent On Twitter—And It's Apparently 2005 All Over Again

  During a press conference 50 Cent was asked what he would do if he saw his old nemesis Ja Rule. His answer reignited the flames of an old fight:

"I'd put him to bed."

This started an all out Twitter war on Friday, except there was only one participant— Ja Rule. In what became a one-side Twitter rant, the rapper sent out a series of tweets aimed at 50 Cent .

Keep in mind these are middle-aged men. Just throwing that out there. 

One Twitter user broached the topic if Ja Rule really wanted to go back in time. 

But  that didn't stop Ja Rule, who had plenty to get off his chest. 

The ranting went on from there with colorful language and visuals. People began to wonder if they were in a time warp.

Let's hope these two can move on or we'll all be back here in 2035 witnessing a senior citizen brawl.


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