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'Party Of Five' Is Getting A Reboot—But It Won't Be The Same As Before
3 months ago

Disney owned cable channel, Freeform, is re-imaging 90's hit series, Party of Five.  There's just one tiny change, the show won't include any of the Salinger clan. The new version will revolve around a new group of siblings, only this time,  instead of the parents having been killed in a car crash, these parents have been deported. 

 Original creators Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman are behind the idea and have written the pilot episode. The new version with revolve around the struggles of  first-born Latino siblings, who have to navigate their own way after their parents are deported to Mexico. 

Not everyone was excited a The Party of Five without the original cast. 

Other were intrigued by the new twist. 

People seem to like the idea of the show but don't understand calling it a Party of Five re-boot. Many wonder why they don't just give it a new name and make a stand alone show. 

Latinx Geeks and  actress  Heather Matarazzo‏ had a few questions. 

The party may be over before it begins.