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Georg Wendt / Getty Images
Ten-Year-Old Water-Skiing Squirrel Takes Internet By Storm, And We Get It
3 months ago

One squirrel showed off an impressive talent at the Toronto Boat Show earlier this week. Twiggy is a ten-year-old domesticated squirrel who has a knack for water-skiing.

Yes, water-skiing. 

She has the tiniest, most adorable water skiing equipment which she has used in numerous shows, along with big blockbuster films like Anchorman and Dodgeball. Quite the multi-talented athlete and actress, that Twiggy!

Take a look at the talented rascal showing off her water-skiing skills:

People became obsessed with Twiggy, and we can't blame them:

Other people aren't thrilled about the concept of a water-skiing squirrel:

And others can't comprehend that a squirrel lives a more fun and adventure-packed life than them:

What a special, skilled little squirrel! There are plenty of human beings who never learn to water-ski at all, much less half as good has she does. 

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