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De Augustini Picture Library/Getty
Footage Of Wild Cat Camoflauging Itself To Look Like A Rock Emerges Online

Get ready to meet the James Bond of the feline world. 

Cats are already spooky enough with their judgmental stares and ninjalike silence. But did you know there's a cat out there that can actually disappear into the environment? There is, and it's weird. Check it. 

Spot it! In fairness, how could you not? The Pallas Cat is found in the rocky steplands of Central Asia, and the BBC recently did a big ol' segment on them because they are both peak Grumpy Cat and apex predator. Humanity better look out. 

Beyond its invisibility powers, it's got a range of positively delightful hunting behaviors that we're sure have deep evolutionary purpose but mostly just end up derpy and adorable to us. 

Alternatively ninjalike and spazzy as it may be, some dynamics never change.

So rock on, Pallas Cat. Humanity approves. 

H/T: Twitter