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David Harbour Just Made Another Twitter Promise—But He has Some Important Demands

David Harbour of Stranger Things has proved once again that he will do most anything for his fans. 

The actor made another promise to a fan, this time a bride-to-be who asked him to officiate her wedding. If she can get 125,000 retweets, Harbour will become an ordained minister and officiate her wedding.

The hopeful fan asked followers for help:

Some of them didn't think she had a chance. Because, I mean, he is a celeb after all:

But much to everyone's surprise, David responded. His request is detailed and specific:

People are hoping this dream becomes a reality. Who wouldn't want Hopper to be their wedding officiant?

His demands seem reasonable. The wedding date can't conflict with the filming schedule for season three of Stranger Things. Duh. Other than that, all he requests is the first slice of cake, which sounds fair, considering.

And if he does show up, fans expect everyone at the reception to do the famous Hopper dance:

This isn't the first big promise David made via Twitter. Last October a fan requested he take senior photos with her:

Fans fulfilled the 25,000 retweets in less than a day. And what happened? He came through!

So will this Stranger Things wedding actually happen? We can hope.

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