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Klaus Vedfelt via Getty Images
Smitten Boyfriend Has Dramatic Reaction To Girlfriend's Selfie—And It's #RelationshipGoals

Twitter user @creoleegyal (aka Alexia) sent her boyfriend an adorable selfie while he was at work. How thoughtful!

But it's his return messages that has the internet all abuzz.

People fell in love with the couple and were impressed with the effort he showed:

People encouraged Alexia to keep her man! Considering she is pre-med. he may want to make sure he keeps her.

And then a wonderful thing happened. Love blossomed in the thread when Howie threw Alexia a compliment:

Then along came Lester with this...

That was the last we heard of Howie and Lester. Alexia and Maxine had some ideas:

Aaahh... let love reign.


H/T: Twitter