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BBC Showcases The World's Deadliest Cat—And It's Both Adorable And Impressive

Recently, BBC One tweeted a video of the world's deadliest cat. A ferocious feline with a 60% kill rate, the highest of any wild cat in the animal kingdom. The catch? It weighs five pounds.

We're talking about the black-footed cat. 


The black-footed cat is the smallest of all the African cats and typically resides in the southern regions of the continent. Males grow between three and four feet long, while females max out at just over three feet long. Not exactly the alpha predator you might think of when you hear "world's deadliest cat," but their diminutive size hides a fierce hunter. Thanks to the BBC One's documentary program, Big Cats, we get to see how a black-footed cat named Gyra hunts at night.

And — spoiler — it's adorable.

Cat lovers on Twitter immediately responded to the BBC's claims of it being the deadliest cat in the world:

While others immediately fell in love with Gyra's hunting face:

People seemed to agree Gyra was the perfect kitty, regardless of her killing habits:

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