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Photos by VCG/Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
Mark Hamill Just Tweeted At 'Last Jedi' Actress Kelly Marie Tran, And We Think It's The Sweetest
3 months ago

Every now and again someone does the nicest thing for no other reason than to simply be kind. This week it was Mark Hamill who made our hearts go all squishy with this lovely tweet he sent to Kelly Marie Tran, his costar in The Last Jedi.

Along with the tweets were some adorable pics. We can't 'OMG!' over this hard enough.

Fans were all about this shout out. 

Then fans starting giving Hamill a shout out for the shout out. It was an all out cuteness overload. 

But it was Jess who asked the question on all our minds.