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Authorities Now Say Hijab-Cutting Incident Involving 11-Year-Old Girl 'Did Not Happen'

Last week, an 11-year-old Toronto girl went to the police to state that a man attacked her with a pair of scissors, trying to cut up her Hijab. 

The authorities launched an investigation, the girl's mother spoke to the press - it was a major national talking point in Canada where cultural sensitivity and tension can run every bit as high as their neighbors to the south. Monday, after a thorough investigation, the authorities concluded simply and finally that the attack 'never happened' and declined to say anything more. We can only speculate as to what actually happened.

That's all the public has been given. Confused lawmakers, reporters and Canadian citizens could only breathe the relief that such a hateful incident as was initially described never happened. 

It does seem like an unfortunate case of the Girl Who Cried Wolf, but with so few details released to the public, we can't be sure. 

Either way, this is an upsetting example of the heightened tension in our world. Kudos to those out there who are doing what they can to bridge the gap.

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