Woman's Unsettling 'Cat Pregnancy' Photo Shoot Takes Internet By Storm

Woman's Unsettling 'Cat Pregnancy' Photo Shoot Takes Internet By Storm
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Updated 6 months ago

For a long time, cats were never a problem on the internet. Most people considered that's what it was always intended for, until one woman decided to post pictures of her newest cat adoption and forced some rethinking. 

Facebook user Lucy Schultz wanted to share her and her partner, Steven's, newest bundle of joy in a series of intimate, sometimes comical, photographs. Don't be confused. These are not welcoming their new human baby. No, it welcomes their new furry baby. 

Each photo, taken by Elizabeth Woods-Darby, details in creepily accurate detail how their newborn baby kitty enters their lives.

In an interview with NBC 9News, Schultz said to her post getting shared over 70,000 times:

“I kind of can’t believe and also can believe that I’m going to be  known as the lady that gave birth to a cat. That is  something that would happen in my life, but it’s also definitely surreal." 
"It’s fine. It’s like if it’s something that I’m ashamed of, then I would have a problem with it, but I was just so excited to share that I got to adopt my cat, that’s been my dream! But to be known for that? It’s like sure! People might think I’m a little odd, but I am, and that’s ok with me!”  

Some commenters were a little put off by Schultz's choices.

Other Facebook users were in full support of this new feline family unit.