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Video Of Massive Spider Egg Being Cut Open Emerges Online—And We're Queasy
3 months ago

Warning! If you do not enjoy creepy, crawly little buggies getting all in your hair and in your bed, be careful of the following video from the Australian Reptile Park's Facebook page.

The Australian-based rescue habitat posted a video of a funnel spider egg sack being cut open to show how the babies are born. What's disconcerting, however, is the overly haunting music they playfully added in the background during the funnel spider birth. With the video being viewed over 750,000 times, there seems to be some serious masochists on Facebook. 

The Australian Reptile Park hosts a multitude of drop-off points where people who are brave enough can safely capture one and take it to them. There, the Park is able to carefully extract venom from the funnel spider, which they then use to produce anti-venom in case of an incident.

The Australian Reptile Park does say the video is something out of people's nightmares, but they love them regardless.

Not everyone feels the same, though.