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Joel McHale Shares Puzzling Dallas Souvenir Notebook Cover—And We're Just As Confused

As far as businesses go souvenir shops have always been pretty straight forward. Take any piece of merchandise, slap on an image of a local landmark, add the name of the city and you're good to go. 

In New York it's the Empire State Building, in Seattle you get the Space Needle, and in Dallas, well... On a recent trip to the Texas city, actor Joel McHale found a Dallas souvenir that left him, and everyone else scratching their heads. 

Yes. This is exactly what comes to mind.

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Like Joel, everyone thought there was about it


Bar-b-que, rodeo, the Dallas Cowboys? Nope. 

They might need to have a talk with whoever approved this for production. 


But maybe they knew what they were doing?

Do they give out awards for merchandising? 

One user however asked the real question on everyone's mind. 

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