Pregnant Woman Takes Maternity Photos At Taco Bell—And We're All About It

Pregnant Woman Takes Maternity Photos At Taco Bell—And We're All About It
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6 months ago

Like bad reality television or stalking an ex's social media profile, Taco Bell is one of the great guilty pleasures in life, but for one expecting Georgia mother it was more than the usual 2am craving. 

During her pregnancy Kristin Johnston craved Taco Bell more than any other food so when it came time to take her maternity photos Johnston decided rather than glamour shots on a hillside or a beach she'd try “something spicier.”

On her blog  Strollers and Stilettos Johnston writes “I felt inspired to have my maternity shoot at one of my favorite places, a place that I can turn to anytime I get a craving or just don’t have the energy to cook dinner — a place that many of us have a fondness for in our hearts — TACO BELL.”


Speaking with Cosmopolitan Johnston said that although she hadn't asked for permission to do the photo shoot the Taco Bell staff were still friendly and helpful. 

“There were hundreds of people who drove by and saw us out front. We got some strange looks, but mostly everyone laughed and gave us a thumbs up as they drove past!”

The photo shoot caused a few double takes on Twitter as well...

But the majority loved the idea.

And fans came out in force to proclaim their love for the "Bell."

As for her husband, Johnston says he loves the photos. "He can't wait to get one in a frame for his desk at work when he returns from paternity leave."

On Friday, Johnston gave birth to her son Teddy and returned home the next day. "But not before stopping by Taco Bell on the way."

What else can we say about the hilarious and one-of-a-kind photos?