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@therosequeenn on Instagram
Instagram User Makes Oddly Satisfying Videos Of Lush Bath Bombs—And We Can't Look Away
3 months ago

Life online can be challenging. Political debate on Facebook can be intense. Any Donald Trump or Logan Paul news can be infuriating. And North Korea, anyone? Nerve-racking

It's enough to leave you screaming, "Calgon take me away!"

But this is 2017, not 1988, and bath time has upped her game. We can live the Lush life these days. That is, if we're in the 1% — that shizz is expensive! Which is why Andrea (@therosequeenn on Instagram)'s feed is SUCH a find. Chock-full of the very best sights and sounds that Lush Cosmetics has to offer, Andrea slices, chops, and plops her way through some of the yummiest looking bath bombs you've ever seen.

A self-described "professional LUSH enthusiast," Andrea has a knack for creating just the right sight and sound combos to mesmerize your senses and leave you feeling almost as relaxed and satisfied as if you'd actually soaked in the fizzy, sparkly, creamy-colored bath treats yourself.

Just watch:

Everything they make looks like candy heaven... eating just one slice couldn't hurt, could it? 

And what about the seductive white noise rhythm of each slice? It's bewitching:

Watch as she combines two baby pink bath bombs into one cotton candy suds-plosion for your senses. 

Note the hypnotic quality of the creamy blushing foam and the crackling sound the bombs make as they effervesce:

Ahhh! Now, that was relaxing...