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Washington Post's Response To Young Girl Who Is An Avid Reader Is Giving Us All The Feels

Liam Stack is a writer for the New York Times, and he wanted to share a cute note about his family on Twitter.

As a writer for the Times, one would think that the family would have an ardent devotion to his employer - at least as far as newspaper subscription goes. Not so, it seems. 

A secret Post loyalist in a Times family! Well, it goes a little further than that:

Talk about a long game, right? Generally, the longer one holds a specific plan in mind, the more likely they are to achieve it. But even though she's at least seven years from the job market, the Washington Post decided to guarantee all of that from their own end with a particularly uplifting note in reply.

Seriously, how cool is a company that tells a little girl, "We're all excited to work for her someday"? 

And then a bunch of successful journalists popped in to mention that they, too, had early subscriptions to newspapers, and just look at them now.

Good to have goals, folks!

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