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Fan Asks JK Rowling About Alternative Wizard Fashion—And She Shut It Down

Fan Asks JK Rowling About Alternative Wizard Fashion—And She Shut It Down
4 months ago

If you've ever wondered what kind of attire wizards can and can't wear, just know there are some definite "no-no's." This is a bit of surprise, especially when you see the way Albus Dumbledore dresses.  

However, according to J.K. Rowling, there is one fashion choice that no wizard should ever wear. 

Over on her Twitter page, the famed writer jumped on to answer a fan question about what wizards can wear after a marathon writing session. Twitter user, @TorHakushun, asked: 

To which Rowling responded: 

Seems very cut and dry. Wizards shouldn't wear bow ties. However, the feedback Rowling received was less than positive as many Twitter users (and apparent "Doctor Who" fans) took offense to her choice of style. 

That last Tweet features Eddie Redmayne as "Newt Scamander," the main character from Rowling's new, wizarding movie franchise, "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them." Someone else pointed out that Scamander was not the only wizard to wear a bow tie on film, though. 

But Rowling had a response and explanation for that as well, elaborating on what type of person she believes would wear a bow tie during the daytime. 

While some followers were freaking out about the possibility of Tucker Carlson, a Fox News correspondent and frequent Trump supporter, being a wizard, that's where Rowling decided to leave the conversation.

Rowling's probably discovered she should focus on writing instead of angering #BowTieTwitter.